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If somehow you found this site, it's not done cooking yet so snack on this until it's ready.

This site has moved to Razmear.us
Razmear.com is dead and has been replaced with Razmear.us. My name was stolen by an evil bald man who is using it to sell crap. May his balls fall off and be eaten by gerbils.

Ahhhhhhh, Over 2 years have passed since I set up this poorly maintained portal into my world, guess it's time for an update.
Some of the basics first, I guess
Who am I? Non-psycho-metaphysically speaking I'm not a non-etheral being who has lurked around for about 4000 years observing and enjoying the infinately faceted spectrum that exists around my sphere of being. I am also not a trout.
Who is Eris? I am also not a tutorial, there is pleanty of info on who She is provided below. Eris has been my Goddess for about 20 years now, and it has always remained interesting.
Where are you? Vermont, where there are more cows than people, and more guns than cows. It's a great state. There is an understanding of what Freedom really means up here that you don't see many other places.
What do you do? I make phones ring. I am also an ordained Deacon of the Erisian Way, so if your silly enough to want to get married, I can do that too.
Whats the Temple? The Temple of The Erisian Way, also known informally as 'the camp', is my retreat in the mountains.
more later... (200205080350/Raz)

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    Note: Many links and email addresses on the sites within are still broken, I'm in the process of transfering all my old crap here, and getting everything nice and case matched now that I'm back in Unixland.
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